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Payment24 introduces innovative fuel voucher solutions

Payment24 introduces innovative fuel voucher solutions
12-06-24 / Chris Smit

Payment24 introduces innovative fuel voucher solutions

Cape Town  - Payment24, a leading provider of advanced payment, loyalty, and fuel management solutions, is proud to announce the availability of its fuel voucher offering. This innovative product is set to transform how Payment24 partners incentivise customers, loyalty subscribers, internal teams, and even drivers. With seamless integration across a vast network of over 1,000 service stations, these vouchers can be easily distributed to the end-user via SMS, WhatsApp, or an App.

Payment24's fuel vouchers provide a flexible and efficient fuel payment method, allowing users to transact at the pump with a digital voucher. Notably, the Payment24 fuel vouchers have been successfully used by partners as part of their loyalty and marketing initiatives. To date, Mobile network companies and businesses with loyalty programmes already purchase vouchers from Payment24 and offer these fuel vouchers as incentives and loyalty offerings. This way, partners enable customers to exchange points for fuel – a highly valued commodity.

“In a market that is increasingly adopting digital currency, the need for versatile voucher solutions is paramount. With the rising cost of fuel, our fuel vouchers offer a practical and efficient alternative for consumers and fleet operators alike. These vouchers not only provide a seamless payment method but also help manage expenses effectively, making refuelling simpler and more economical," says Shadab Rahil, joint CEO at Paymen24.

The new fuel vouchers address a variety of use cases, providing significant advantages to diverse sectors. Mobile operators, retailers, digital retailers, and even insurance companies have seen the value of fuel vouchers, adding them to classic loyalty product line-ups offered through traditional programmes where data, airtime, and discounts are offered. This is assisting them to deliver on the consumer need for practical and essential products.

Another prime example is auto dealerships, which benefit from the ability to issue vouchers for demo and service vehicles, replacing cumbersome paper-based receipt solutions with an automated, real-time transaction system. This leads to efficient monthly reconciliations and comprehensive oversight.

For fleet management, businesses can issue vouchers to ad hoc drivers, eliminating the need for physical cards and streamlining fuel expense tracking. In short, Payment24's fuel vouchers provide a flexible and efficient optional payment method, allowing fleet companies to issue digital vouchers instead of traditional fuel cards or tags and ultimately better track and manage fuel expenses.

"Payment24's fuel voucher solution is built on the robust Payment24 platform which is already known for its reliability and ease of use. Through our partnerships with leading oil companies and fuel providers, the product has been a natural extension of our offerings. They help partners to diversify their loyalty offerings. For those in the fleet business, they can enhance operational efficiency by providing real-time oversight and seamless integration with their existing systems. This allows an organisation to streamline their fuel management processes (using vouchers) while delivering significant value to their customers," says Nolan Daniel, joint CEO at Payment24.

This user-friendly product not only adds significant value to loyalty programmes by enabling consumers to convert points into fuel vouchers but also simplifies fuel management for fleet operators. Payment24's innovative approach positions fuel vouchers as a new digital currency, seamlessly integrating into various distribution channels and enhancing overall customer satisfaction. 

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