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FNB Connect launches market leading offering of 15GB of mobile data at R199

FNB Connect launches market leading offering of 15GB of mobile data at R199
21-05-24 / Shelly Nxumalo

FNB Connect launches market leading offering of 15GB of mobile data at R199

Johannesburg - FNB Connect, one of South Africa’s leading Mobile Virtual Network Operators (MVNO), is thrilled to announce the expansion of its highly popular data offering with the launch of a 15GB (30-day) mobile data bundle promotion for only R199. From 1 May until 31 August 2024, FNB and RMB Private Bank customers can purchase the bundle, save on their data costs, and enable their connectivity needs across browsing, email, social media, streaming and gaming to name a few. 

The 15GB enables customers to stream their favourite shows for up to 30 hours, stream around 3000 songs or browse the web for up to 180 hours of for just R199.  The bundle can be purchased on the FNB App, online and through USSD banking.

Sashin Sookroo, CEO of FNB Connect, says, "Telecommunications plays a critical role in the lives of our customers, as it enables them to stay connected with friends and family, access information and financial services, and conduct business anywhere at any time. We continue to see an increasing number of individuals, families and businesses who use FNB Connect as their preferred telecommunications provider.  This promotional offering is another way FNB is democratising access, thereby narrowing the digital divide.”

Aligned to the FNB’s ethos of trust and commitment to helping customers in a transparent and customer centric manner, customers do not automatically go out-of-bundle for data charges thereby preventing bill shock. Data bundles are available to customers and provide a value for money option enabling them to access the internet. Bundles can be purchased, managed, and their usage tracked in real-time on the FNB App.

“With over 7 million digitally active customers, we believe FNB Connect provides considerable value for our customers with competitive data and voice packages, access to smart devices at affordable prices and rewards. From June 2023 to April 2024, we have given our customers over half a billion Rands in voice, data, and SMS rewards.  As the MVNO market continues to evolve, we remain committed to delivering more innovative solutions and superior value to our customers, ensuring a competitive edge in the dynamic telecommunications landscape,” concludes Sashin.

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