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The Ombud acknowledges FNB for excellence in customer complaint resolution

The Ombud  acknowledges FNB for excellence in customer complaint resolution
18-05-23 / Sisanda Ndlovu

The Ombud acknowledges FNB for excellence in customer complaint resolution

Johannesburg - FNB welcomes the release of the Ombudsman for Banking Services' annual report for 2022, which includes the management of disputes between banks and customers. The Ombudsman has acknowledged FNB's exceptional customer dispute resolution processes, and the overall report demonstrates the bank's significant progress in managing customer complaints.

FNB's conversion rate from referral to formal complaint is the best in the industry, demonstrating its commitment to finding common ground with customers and the value it places in customer relationships. The bank’s total number of cases opened with the Ombud has declined by 21% year on year, while the total number of cases referred has declined by 3%. Most cases were decided significantly in favour of the bank, particularly those involving fraud, phishing, and the freezing of accounts when necessary.

FNB CEO Jacques Celliers says, “The Ombud plays an important role in supporting customers and banks in resolving complaints and disputes. While complaints referred to or opened with the Ombud constitute a small portion of our overall customer interactions, we take the Ombud process and feedback very seriously. This is consistent with our commitment to putting our customers’ needs at the centre of our offering. We are constantly fine-tuning our processes to improve response times, with meaningful resolutions for all queries.”

"We value our role in assisting customers in better managing their money and lifestyles through our advice-led approach. We also understand the emotions that come with finances and the level of care that is required of us as a trusted financial services provider. We are always eager to listen to our customers and remain committed to doing more to consistently improve their overall experience, including complaints and dispute resolution," adds Celliers.

FNB offers several channels to engage with customers, including its industry-leading Secure Chat feature on the free FNB App. Customers can also contact FNB's contact centre, local branch, or relationship banking channels with service-related questions.

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