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FNB honoured with 7 awards for Private Banking excellence

FNB honoured with 7 awards for Private Banking excellence
02-04-24 / Shelly Nxumalo

FNB honoured with 7 awards for Private Banking excellence

Johannesburg - For the second year running, the Euromoney Awards have crowned FNB as Africa’s Best International Private Bank in Botswana and Namibia as well as Africa's Best Bank for Ultra High-Net-Worth Individuals, Discretionary Portfolio Management, Philanthropic Advisory, Succession Planning and Sustainability.

The accolades demonstrate the financial institutions’ leadership in private banking and their commitment to delivering value to clients through their diverse range of market-leading value propositions.

Sizwe Nxedlana, CEO of FNB Private Segment says, “These accolades continue to cement our position as a leading private banking and investment solutions provider on the continent, underpinned by our advice-led approach, which attests to our businesses being on the right path to offer clients contextual solutions for their vast and unique financial needs.”

The bank’s commitment to helping clients throughout their money management journey and ensuring that investment solutions are accessible to all, has received an overwhelmingly positive response to date.

“As a leader within the wealth and investments space and through the introduction of a series of investment capabilities and products that provide easy, convenient, and affordable investment solutions to our clients, we believe that we’re able to play a vital role as a trusted partner to our clients in their wealth management journey. This together with the support of our Private Advisors who support and guide clients through their financial planning journey has been the key driver of our success.

Our accomplishments are also due to our ability to leverage big data and modern technologies to deliver contextual solutions in both assisted and unassisted channels and understanding our clients short-term and long-term needs,” he adds.

For over 20 years, Euromoney has been recognising the best in private banking and wealth management across the globe through the Private Banking and Wealth Management Survey. The 2024 awards celebrate the achievements of the world’s leading private banking and wealth management institutions in client service, product development and commitment to the sector.

‘’We would like to extend our appreciation to our clients for their continued support and to Euromoney for the recognition, for the 2nd year in a row. We remain committed to building and offering world class international private banking services that will build and retain wealth for our clients and their future generations to come.” concluded Nxedlana.

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