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RMB partners with Africa Climate Ventures to drive returns through climate action

RMB partners with Africa Climate Ventures to drive returns through climate action
05-09-23 / Tommy Jackson

RMB partners with Africa Climate Ventures to drive returns through climate action

Johannesburg - RMB Ventures, a private equity subsidiary of RMB, announced today it has entered a partnership with pan-African company Africa Climate Ventures (ACV) to help its existing and future portfolio companies achieve a greater level of sustainability while improving profitability.

ACV focuses on combating the effects of climate change by building and investing in businesses which undertake to remove carbon from the atmosphere or significantly avoid future emissions. ACV has a track record of building new businesses focused on scaling climate-positive technologies, and investing to add climate-positive business lines to existing businesses.

Says Andrew Aiken, Head of RMB Ventures: “We are excited to work with Africa Climate Ventures. This partnership aligns with our purpose to empower our people, teams and businesses to unlock their full potential.  RMB Ventures follows a shared value framework of which ESG forms a significant part and that requires a holistic approach to growing our businesses in a way that benefits not only shareholders, but all stakeholders and society at large. Africa needs to embrace these discussions and transform the way corporate management teams and shareholders manage their businesses.”

According to Aitken the partnership will provide a toolkit to transform many of RMB Ventures’ portfolio companies by enhancing returns, particularly those with underutilised carbon potential, while speeding up growth against a shared value template.

“By working closely with Africa Climate Ventures, we believe we can turn climate change from a potential risk to our portfolio into an opportunity for enhanced returns,” Aitken says.

In future, there is potential for RMB Ventures and ACV to jointly invest in companies via equity positions or to establish new businesses that influence climate positive behaviour.

Says Mohamed Cassim, Co-Founder and Chief Investment Officer of ACV: “The partnership offers a range of mutual opportunities. We will provide skills and capabilities to RMB Ventures to identify and execute on climate-positive opportunities in their present and future portfolio. Together with RMB Ventures’ track record, we also expect to attract more deals.”

In early 2021, KOKO Group and Africa Climate Ventures set up a Joint Venture to scale KOKO Networks outside of Kenya for the first time.  KOKO Networks is an emerging markets climate technology company that serves sustainable bioethanol cooking fuel to over 1m Kenyan families every day.

ACV also has a majority stake in Great Carbon Valley, a Kenyan venture built to explore and materialise the significant climate action potential that lies in the East African Rift Valley by developing large scale green industry and technical removals projects.

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